Defending Against COVID-19

Esri Canada supports community resiliency during the COVID-19 pandemic

Esri Canada, a geographic information system (GIS) company, has launched a GIS-based resource hub to help communities and governments monitor COVID-19 outbreaks, manage the crisis, maintain operational continuity, and increase resilience for long-term recovery. This hub and its resources are free and available to the public.  


Using open data, the resource hub allows users to explore COVID-19 case data, view regional trends, and receive a daily epidemiology update. To help communities and organizations communicate the impact of COVID-19 and its response efforts, the hub also provides templates for communicating cases, managing business operations for facilities and staff, and tracking hospital/PPE inventory. These resources are complemented by a suite of learning tools and webinars to support users in their communications, such as by launching a localized Coronavirus Response Hub or when deploying a crisis management response. 


For more information, visit the ESRI Canada COVID-19 Resource Hub here






Image Above: A snapshot of Esri's COVID-19 Resource Hub, provided by Esri. 


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Esri Canada is a privately held, Canadian-owned company that provides world-class enterprise geographic information system (GIS) solutions. These solutions help organizations across industries make timely, informed and mission-critical decisions by leveraging the power of geography. 


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Posted 2020-05-12
Last Modified 2020-05-25 14:23