Welcome to the CADSI Banner Advertising System

How does advertising on the CADSI website work?

Our advertising system allows you to purchase a specific ad type or ad types which will appear on various pages throughout the CADSI site randomly. We have 4 different ad types. We allow only 10 advertisements per ad type*.
* CADSI ads are allocated based on membership type.


What banner sizes can be used on the CADSI website?

banner advertising types We have 4 ad types:
Full Banner 468px X 60px
Leader 728px X 90px
Square 300px X 250px
Skyscraper 160px X 600px


What does it cost to advertise on the CADSI website?

click to download the media kit  

For full details on purchasing advertising with CADSI,
click the image on the left to download the PDF Advertising Specs and Media Kit.


How do I purchase ad space and manage my ads on the CADSI website?

We have created a suite of 4 easy to use tools for buying your space, uploading your ads and managing them and getting reports on how your ads are doing. Click one of the round buttons below to get started.

manage ad library purchase ad slots manage ad slots view ad reports