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SMTRM-II Virtual Collaborative Environment

CADSI in partnership with the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) have developed a virtual collaboration environment for NRC’s Security Materials Technologies Roadmap Implementation Initiative (SMTRM-II). This resource will help accelerate the development and adoption of innovative armour products and systems based on advanced materials in Canada, such as improved ballistic vests for police officers and improved armoured vehicles to protect Canadian soldiers deployed on peacekeeping operations. It enables communication and collaboration among Canadian security materials stakeholders to strengthen and align efforts and resources towards prioritized technology development and targeted R&D investments.

Are you a Canadian security materials stakeholder interested in contributing to the SMTRM-II virtual collaborative environment? You must complete the registration form to gain access. All approved registrants will receive an email within a week of registering which will include a link to access the resource.

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The SMTRM is part of NRC’s Security Materials Technologies research program, a joint program between NRC and Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC). The program is strategically designed to invigorate the defence and security industry in Canada by developing, transitioning and integrating transformational materials technologies to improve the performance of vehicle armour and personal protective equipment.