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Build in Canada Innovation Program Challenge Initiative

The Government of Canada recently launched the Build in Canada Innovation Program Challenge (BCIP). As a part of the initiative, the Government has a number of individual departmental challenge initiatives related to armour.

The Government of Canada will be hosting a number of bidder teleconference events in the coming week to discuss the program. These events will answer any questions supplier may have about the BCIP Challenge, as well as the departmental challenges. The teleconferences provide the opportunity to

The challenges will be open until August 21st, 2017. CADSI members who are interested, are invited to participate in the teleconferences. Participants are encouraged to submit their questions before the teleconference.

Registration for Bidder Teleconference: https://buyandsell.gc.ca/event-calendar 

For more information on the BCIP:

Consultation on the Principles for the Management of Intellectual Property in Defence and Marine Procurement (Le français suit l'anglais)

The Defence Industry Advisory Group Intellectual Property Sub-working Group (DIAG IP SWG) invites you to provide feedback on the Principles for the Management of Intellectual Property in Defence and Marine Procurement.

We invite you to read the Principles document (Principles Document PDF) in its entirety in order to provide your feedback. The Principles document is framed by a preamble, which reflects the collaborative efforts and discussions of the DIAG IP Sub-working Group members (government and industry representatives). Also included are seventeen descriptive principles to serve as guidance with regards to the internal management of IP by the Government of Canada. The Principles document should be considered as a whole as each principle complements the others in addressing issues in the management and application of IP in defence procurement. There will be overlap among some of them; your feedback will assist in the drafting of the final version of the Principles document.

There are three sections to the questionnaire. The first section will address the principles developed by DIAG IP SBW members (government and industry) – and you will be asked to rate them based on clarity of the principle and its relevance for your organization. The second part will focus on the key IP issues identified by DIAG IP SWG industry members. You will be asked to rate each IP issue for relevance to your company. 

The last section of the questionnaire is your opportunity to provide additional information (comments or recommendations) on the management of IP in defence and marine procurement that were not identified or addressed in the questionnaire.

The online questionnaire is open until August 10, 2017 - interested parties are encouraged to provide feedback before then. 


Consultation portant sur les principes de gestion de la propriété intellectuelle en matière d’approvisionnement maritime et de défense

Le sous-groupe de travail propriété intellectuelle (PI) du Groupe consultatif de l’industrie de la défense (SGT PI GCID - DIAG IP SWG) sollicite vos commentaires sur les principes de gestion de la propriété intellectuelle en matière d’approvisionnement maritime et de défense.

Dans ce but, nous vous invitons à lire l’intégralité du Document des principes (Le document des principes PDF). Les principes sont précédés d’un préambule qui reflète les efforts de collaboration ainsi que les discussions des membres de SGT PI GCID (représentants du gouvernement et de l’industrie). Les principes contiennent dix-sept énoncés destinés à guider la gestion interne de la PI par le gouvernement du Canada.  Le préambule et les énoncés de principes devraient être considérés comme formant un tout, chacun de ses éléments complémentant les autres pour répondre des enjeux de gestion de propriété intellectuelle en matière d’approvisionnement de défense.  S’il existe une redondance entre certains principes, vos commentaires contribueront à la rédaction définitive du Document de principes. 

Le questionnaire comprend trois parties. La première partie porte sur les principes établis par les membres du SGT PI GCID (gouvernement et industrie). Vous devrez accorder une note d’appréciation en fonction de leur clarté et de leur pertinence pour votre organisation. La deuxième partie porte sur les enjeux clés de PI tels que définis par les membres de l’industrie du SGT PI GCID. Vous devrez accorder une note d’appréciation en fonction de leur pertinence pour votre entreprise.

La dernière partie du questionnaire vous offre l’occasion de fournir des informations supplémentaires (commentaires ou recommandations) sur la gestion de la PI en matière d’approvisionnement maritime et de défense et qui n’auraient pas été autrement soulevées ou identifiées dans le questionnaire.

Nous vous invitons à compléter le questionnaire avant le 10 août 2017, date de clôture de la consultation.

SMTRM-II Virtual Collaborative Environment

CADSI in partnership with the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) have developed a virtual collaboration environment for NRC’s Security Materials Technologies Roadmap Implementation Initiative (SMTRM-II). This resource will help accelerate the development and adoption of innovative armour products and systems based on advanced materials in Canada, such as improved ballistic vests for police officers and improved armoured vehicles to protect Canadian soldiers deployed on peacekeeping operations. It enables communication and collaboration among Canadian security materials stakeholders to strengthen and align efforts and resources towards prioritized technology development and targeted R&D investments.

Are you a Canadian security materials stakeholder interested in contributing to the SMTRM-II virtual collaborative environment? You must complete the registration form to gain access. All approved registrants will receive an email within a week of registering which will include a link to access the resource.

Already registered? SIGN IN HERE

The SMTRM is part of NRC’s Security Materials Technologies research program, a joint program between NRC and Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC). The program is strategically designed to invigorate the defence and security industry in Canada by developing, transitioning and integrating transformational materials technologies to improve the performance of vehicle armour and personal protective equipment.