Our ASsociation

The Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries (CADSI) is the national industry voice of more than 900 Canadian defence and security companies that produce world-class goods, services and technologies made across Canada and sought the world over. The industries contribute to the employment of more than 60,000 Canadians and generate $10 billion in annual revenues, roughly 60 per cent of which come from exports.

CADSI is committed to:

  • Bringing together companies that develop and deliver the best defence and security goods, services and technologies the Canadian Armed Forces, Canadian Coast Guard, and Canada‚Äôs security service providers need to keep Canadians safe and secure on a daily basis;
  • Working as a thoughtful, trusted and reliable partner with the Government of Canada to openly and honestly articulates the needs and concerns of our industries; 
  • Providing a platform for our members to interact with governments in Canada and abroad to showcase the world-class goods, services and technologies developed and produced by Canadian defence and security companies so that they can compete globally; and
  • Demonstrating to Canadians the innovative and world-class goods, services and technologies our members offer to help build a prosperous and stronger Canada for all.

CADSI has a dedicated team based in Ottawa, Ontario who advocate on behalf of the defence and security industries, produce the largest global defence and security tradeshow in Canada and other events internationally, and bring value-added services to members. The team, led by CADSI President and CEO Christyn Cianfarani, is further guided by our Board of Directors and supported by Operating Committees.

CADSI has its roots in the creation of the Canadian chapter of the American Defense Preparedness Association (ADPA) on November 30, 1983. As a non-profit making membership society, it was dedicated to scientific, engineering, industrial, and management preparedness for the common defence of Canada. The organisation believed these attributes to be the strongest guarantees of national security and peace. In 1987, the chapter became an independent association under the name Canadian Defence Preparedness Association (CDPA). On November 25, 1997, CDPA's Board of Directors voted to change the name of the association to the Canadian Defence Industries Association (CDIA). The organisation operated under this new name until the Association's Annual General Meeting in December 6, 2005, when the Board of Directors resolved to widen the scope of the organisation's representation and mandate in light of the increasingly integrated nature of the national defence and public security of Canada. With the will of the members, the CDIA became CADSI.