Due to an evolving fundraising environment, the WiDS/CADSI Memorial Golf Tournament which was to take place May 30, 2017 is being cancelled. The reasons behind this decision include changes to how both government and industry engage in hospitality and sponsorship opportunities as well as a decreasing interest in golf as a networking activity.

Over the years, the WiDS golf tournament has been an important fundraising event for the WiDS Memorial Scholarship. WiDS remains committed to this important initiative and will host an event in the fall to ensure funding for next year's scholarship.

We apologize for any inconvenience that this cancellation has caused for those who are already registered or were planning to register. R‎ather than meeting on the golf course, please come visit WiDS at CANSEC, Booth 234.

For more details and for information on other WiDS activities, please visit the WiDS website (www.wids.ca).

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to WiDS President, Jana Lee Murray at janalee.murray@cae.com or WiDS Executive Vice President Kristine Osgoode kkosgoode@gmail.com.














Note: Attendance at all CANSEC events is restricted to CADSI members and government (federal, provincial, municipal, foreign) personnel only.