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Canada’s Defence Industry a Key Priority for Canada’s New Defence Policy

Ottawa, 7 June 2017 – Christyn Cianfarani, President of the Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries, today issued the following statement regarding the Government of Canada’s new Defence Policy entitled “Strong, Secure, Engaged”:

The government’s new defence policy statement is the first time in over thirty years that such positive language has been used to recognize the value of Canada’s defence industrial base and how industry contributes to meeting Canada’s defence objectives. The Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries commends the government for it. 

By setting Canada’s innovative defence sector as one of the five domestic priorities of the Department of National Defence, CADSI believes the government has acknowledged that Canadian industry is a critical member of Canada’s defence team.

There are numerous areas where the defence policy brings to light the important role that Canada’s defence industry plays in our national defence:

  • CADSI sees great value in the government’s commitment to “use procurement to incentivise Canadian research and development in important and emerging technological areas.”
  • CADSI is pleased the government links a robust and innovative Canadian defence industry and Canada’s national defence, which is evident in their new Innovation for Defence Excellence and Security (IDEaS) program.
  • CADSI welcomes the publication of a costed investment plan which will help Canadian industry prepare for and invest in upcoming defence acquisitions. The government’s new cost estimate for the Canadian Surface Combatant is a much more realistic assessment of the costs of that vital project.
  • CADSI looks forward to engaging the government to streamline and improve the procurement cycle. A more efficient, less process laden, and leaner defence procurement process will benefit the CAF, the government and Canadian industry and needs to remain a top priority for the government.
  • CADSI welcomes significantly enhancing Canada’s cyber defence and offence capabilities. Canada has world leading companies and technologies in the cyber defence domain that need to be utilized by the Department of National Defence in achieving its cyber defence objectives.

Strong, Secure, Engaged” is an ambitious agenda with long term funding commitments and many new programs and initiatives. CADSI and Canada’s defence industry looks forward to working with the government on the implementation challenges associated with this agenda.

I would like to thank Minister Sajjan, defence department officials and the Minister’s Expert Panel for their work and for consulting so extensively with Canadian industry.


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Posted 2017-06-07
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