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Defence Industry Calls for Made across Canada Defence Industrial Policy

Ottawa, 27 April 2016 –At the Defence Review roundtable consultation hosted in Vancouver today, the Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries’ (CADSI) has called on the Government of Canada to work with the defence industry to develop a defence industrial policy.

“A made across Canada defence industrial policy, tailored to our unique security challenges and economic opportunities, is one of the key commitments the government needs to make in the Defence Review,” said CADSI President Christyn Cianfarani. “This would strengthen Canada’s defence posture, as well as link two of the government’s key priorities, the Defence Review and the Innovation Agenda, ultimately bolstering Canadian prosperity.

In addition to appearing at the roundtable, CADSI provided the Defence Review’s Advisory Panel with a formal submission, At a Crossroads: Canadian Defence Policy and the Canadian Defence Industrial Base. The paper, developed in consultation with CADSI members, outlines the managed market place in which the defence industry operates and how Canada can continue to reinforce its defence industrial base and improve Canada’s defence posture. It also sets out the link between defence policy, sovereignty and the defence industrial base—a once in a generation opportunity as the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) is re-capitalizing many of its assets.

“Having security of domestic supply in key defence technologies and services is important to Canada’s independence of action and national security. Assuming that if we buy from our allies we can always count on them to deliver what we need, when we need it and at the price we expect is risky, especially in a crisis when we need what our allies need at the same time,” said Ms. Cianfarani. “The British and the Australians have already implemented this idea in their formal defence industrial policies, which benefits their governments, their armed forces and their industry.”

The British unveiled their Defence Growth Partnership in 2012, a formal collaboration between the British defence industry and the government. The Australian Department of Defence issued their Defence Industry Policy Statement 2016 as part of their recent defence white paper.

“The efficacy of any defence policy is highly dependent on the ability to procure defence equipment and services,” concluded Ms. Cianfarani.


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Posted 2016-04-27
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