The Business Development (B2B/B2G) Program at CANSEC is complimentary to all registrants of the event and will permit you to connect with other CANSEC participants by pre-booking 15 minute meetings that will take place during CANSEC – either at your booth if you are an exhibitor – in the Business Development (B2B/B2G) Program Meeting Room, or at a location of your choice at the event.

Why Participate in the B2B/B2G Program?

With the program open to all registrants, including CADSI members, foreign military and industry delegations, Canadian government departments and Crown Corporations involved in the defence and security sectors, the B2B/B2G Program will maximize your team’s networking efforts at CANSEC – making the most of your trade show experience.

The B2B/B2G Program will permit you to:

  • Increase the number of new contacts in your market
  • Gain pre-show intelligence on who will be at the event
  • Match yourself to other show participants based on profiles and identified requirements
  • Manage your time and resources at the show more effectively


Registration for the B2B/B2G Program

Registration for the B2B/B2G Program is part of the registration process for the tradeshow – Simply OPT IN to participate and you can begin planning your onsite meetings once the B2B/B2G Tool opens (in mid-Spring).


What is the B2B/B2G Program Tool?

The B2B/B2G Program tool is a secure on-line method that will allow individuals to seek out other CANSEC attendees and groups who have the desired capabilities, products and services in a concise and efficient manner and book 15 minutes meetings that will take place during the two days of CANSEC.

By registering to participate, you and everyone else who registers will have the opportunity to create a profile that will include your own personal biography, list of the capabilities/tools you represent for your company. Once you have registered, your profile becomes available for others to look at, just as you can view other registrants.

Once registered, it is important to fill out your profile! The capabilities you hold may be a specific subset of your overall organization, so it is important to make that clear prior to a meeting. As well, any supplementary relevant information may be added to the biography section to customize what you are looking for and what you can provide in exchange.
All of this can be done from your CADSI home page once you log in.

Tips for successful program participation

  • Complete your contact profile – this will provide information on the products and services you provide.
  • Arrive 10 minutes prior to your meeting as there may be line ups to access the room.
  • Register with onsite host prior to seating.
  • Pre-print your schedule – due to volume of participants and onsite capabilities we cannot print participant schedules
  • Please note that meeting set ups within the B2B/G room are to accommodate no more then 4 total individuals per table.
  • Meetings are strictly limited to 15 minutes. Please conclude your meeting on time.
  • Smooth Meeting Transitions: Be ready and waiting for your meeting start times.  Once notification is given that your 15 minutes are up we request that you quickly move on to your next meeting or exiting the B2B/G Meeting Room. Keeping quick transitions between meetings allows all delegates to maximize their time at each appointment.
  • Switch your devices to silent.
  • Do have consideration for others and be sensitive to noise volume during your meeting.



Note: Attendance at all CANSEC events is restricted to CADSI members and government (federal, provincial, municipal, foreign) personnel only.