CANSEC 2018 Day 2 Lunch

Closing Remarks

Closing Remarks

May 31st, 14:00, Ottawa, ON

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Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, honoured guests, distinguished members of the Canadian Armed Forces and foreign military friends. Thank you for making CANSEC 2018, Canada’s global defence and security trade show, another resounding success.

Le salon a été impressionnant, comme d’habitude. Rempli des produits et services en matière de défense les plus novateurs offerts dans le monde. Over the past two days we’ve heard some valuable insights from the Minister of National Defence; Mr. Dominic Barton, Chair of the Minister of Finance’s Advisory Council on Economic Growth; the Minister of Public Services and Procurement; and just now, the Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development.

All of our speakers have had important insights to share, but most of all, and the thought I want to leave you with before I close our final meal of this year’s CANSEC, is the possibility of what’s to come.

Strong, Secure, Engaged signaled that the defence industry is an important part of the national economy, tying Canada’s national defence mandate with the government’s Innovation Agenda.

If the people I’ve met and ideas I’ve seen these past two days tell me anything, it’s that a focus on defence innovation to meet the demands of the Canadian Armed Forces and deliver high quality jobs and growth to the Canadian economy rests on a solid foundation.

L’industrie canadienne de la défense emploie plus de 60,000 Canadiens et contribue annuellement pour 6,2 milliards de dollars au produit intérieur brut.

It is however, the quality of our business activity that is perhaps more impressive.

Our research and development intensity is four and a half times that of Canada’s manufacturing sector overall. Of that R&D, the majority is funded by industry, rather than government.

Defence firms are actively engaged in collaborative R&D with suppliers, customers and universities and colleges. And our labour composition, and its growth potential, presents a significant opportunity for future STEM graduates – with over 34% of jobs in the field.

So how our government and industry work together to deliver on the recapitalization of the Canadian Armed Forces over the next decade presents a once-in-a-generation opportunity to grow – as we can see plainly here at CANSEC – one of the most innovative industries in Canada.

Let’s seize the opportunity, shall we?

Leaving you with that, I would again like to thank our sponsors, without whose generous support this would not be possible. Merci à notre commanditaire Platine, CAE, à notre commanditaire Diamant, L3 Technologies, et à nos commanditaires Or, Canadian Commercial Corporation, PAL Aerospace, Cougar Helicopters et Lockheed Martin.

A special thank you to the Central Band of the Canadian Armed Forces and their piper, who have helped make our meal events a grand success.

Lastly, there is a thank-you that I need your help to make and it is to my Team at CADSI. As every business leader knows, it is the people willing to work for us who really run the business. Without them, we amount to little but Board Reports and Annual General Meetings. With them, we are able to create, shape and grow great things. To my Team at CADSI – you are an incredible bunch of passionate, fun, intelligent individuals who are in big trouble for gift wrapping my entire office at Christmas right down to the telephone. This industry is better because you have chosen to be a part of it. Ladies and Gentlemen, please join me in thanking my CADSI Team for all of their hard work in putting this show together.

I look forward to seeing all of you again next year at CANSEC 2019 which takes place May 29th and 30th. Ladies and Gentlemen, Mesdames et Messieurs au plaisir de vous voir tous dans le salon pour célébrer avec un verre (ou deux). Thank you all very much for coming.