2017 Canadian Armed Forces Outlooks

The Air Force Outlook

Welcome Remarks

April 11th, 08:20, Ottawa, Ontario

Check Against Delivery

Welcome to our inaugural day of the Canadian Armed Forces Outlooks. This year we will take off with the Air Force Outlook.

But before we get things started, I would like to take this opportunity to thank David Jurkowski, our Air Force Outlook Chair, and the DND Air Force Liaison, Major Christian Beese. Both Mr. Jurkowski and Major Beese have once again played leading roles in bringing together the Airforce Outlook. For today’s successes, weare indebted to this duo’s hard work.

It is CADSI’s pleasure to be the proud host once again this year.

La série Outlooks existe sous une forme similaire depuis près de vingt ans. Dans la communauté de la défense, elle vient juste après CANSEC en importance pour l’industrie et pour le souligner, nous avons amélioré l’image de marque de l’événement. Outlooks, fondamentalement, rassemble l’industrie canadienne et les Forces armées canadiennes afin d’approfondir notre compréhension collective de ce qui est requis et de ce qui est possible dans la prestation des capacités en matière de défense.

For industry, the Outlooks provide an important annual update on the capabilities the Forces are planning to purchase. For the Forces, they provide an opportunity to better understand the innovations our industry is capable of delivering to help carry out the CAF’s roles and responsibilities in Canada and abroad. And for both communities the Outlooks provide an invaluable networking opportunity to build and deepen relationships, the importance of which cannot be over-stated. Having strong industry-government-military relationships built on trust is a crucial part of the equation of delivering quality products and services to the Forces.

It is a relationship that we need to extend and build upon both domestically and internationally over the next few years so that we can maintain our position as the world leader in several key existing capabilities we are known for, and to position ourselves as innovators of the emerging capabilities of tomorrow, from cyberspace to outer space.

Much has happened this past year on both the domestic and international stages to influence the defence community moving forward.

The Government of Canada has completed several significant policy reviews. Two of these—the Defence Policy Review and the Innovation Agenda—obviously are of particular interest to all in this room.

As was recently indicatedin Budget 2017, the results of the Defence Policy Review are imminent and will include a rigorouscosting of the capabilities and kit required to deliver on the government’s defence objectives, and the missions and tasks of the CAF. Budget 2017 also said that it is the government’s intent to provide the military with stable and predictable budgets to enable effective long-term planning.

Arealistic, well costed plan underpinned by a predictable budget is something the Canadian defence industry has long advocated. Add to that ourrecommendation for a Made in Canada Defence Industrial Policy and we would have even stronger industry-government-CAF collaboration to deliver the innovations the CAF needs in the coming years.

And what about the impact of the changing internationallandscape?

With protectionism alive and flexing its muscles in Washington today it is more important than ever for the government, the CAF and Canadian industry to see eye to eye in our discussions with our American friends in the administration and in Congress. The integrated North American Defence Industrial Base, while far from perfect, has nevertheless served well both Canadian and American national security and economic interests for generations. Canadian industry, DND and the CAF need to speak with one voice on this issue in the US over the coming months to ensure the relationship isn’t eroded by the populist and protectionist impulses we see south of the border today.

Jetons un œil à notre programme pour les trois prochains jours. Les hauts dirigeants de l’Aviation royale, de l’Armée et de la Marine s’adresseront directement à l’industrie, donneront leur point de vue honnête sur les besoins à court et à moyen terme des Forces armées canadiennes.

J’espère que vous ressortirez de la série Outlooks avec d’importants renseignements et un aperçu de la situation qui vous permettront de connaître, de planifier et de mettre en priorité les technologies, les approches et les partenariats.

Where the Air Force is concerned, our conversation will be around the sustainment of our fleets, in-service support and maintenance repair and overhaul. Our conversations this year are particularly important given the interim replacement of the fleet of CF-18 fighter aircraft and the acquisition of a new fleet of fixed-wing search and rescue aircraft.

We are following a similar program of years past for this year’s Air Force Outlook. For those new to this event or those who may need a refresher, we will be learning about RCAF Force development, CAF Space Force development, science and technology in the air portfolio,and aerospace equipment program management.

Before I leave you today, I would just like to call everyone’s attention to a subject that I am sure is equally near and dear to your hearts as it is to mine: the Paddy O’Donnell Mentorship Award. CADSIcommemoratesthis remarkable member of the Royal Canadian Air Force family for his mentorship of younger officers and his contributions to our country, both in uniform and in Canadian industry.

With CANSEC once again just around the corner,the call for nomination for the Paddy O’Donnell Mentorship Award is now open. If you know of a mentor in the Canadian defence or security business who has provided valuable advice and support to the next generation of industry leaders, please come forward. We have a page on the CANSEC website dedicated to the award with all the nomination details. As was the case last year, this year’shonouree will be announced at CANSEC.

And, speaking of CANSEC, I would be remiss if I didnot remind everyone that registration is now officially open.
Thank you for your attention this morning and please, enjoy the dayand let’s “pull chocks”.