Securetech 2015 Day One Luncheon

Introductory Remarks

November 25th, Ernst and Young Centre, Ottawa, Ontario

Check Against Delivery

Good Afternoon, bonjour mesdames et monsieurs and welcome/bienvenue to securetech 2015 and to today’s luncheon.  For those of you who may have missed the opening this morning, my name is Chris Cianfarani and I am the president of CADSI and your host.

We have had an interesting opening morning.  The nerd inside of me was rather mentally captivated by the Cyber Security track, held in the Airboss Conference Hall.

With highlights hitting the news on the increase in businesses being the target of cyber-crime at middle management levels, in particular in finance departments – yes, you know who you are who have clicked on a link from a colleague while a little voice in the back of your mind wondered why the e-mail was addressed to “Dear Friend” - and with Anonymous joining the fight against ISIS, our morning has brought out the kinds of conversations that I know will become the stepping stones to further engagements across the very broad spectrum of cyber security challenges.

J’ai aussi eu la possibilité de parcourir le salon où j’ai entendu des conversations intéressantes et vu la création de réseaux. Si vous n’en avez pas eu l’occasion, n’oubliez pas de visiter le stand sur l’innovation présenté par Adobe. Si les invités de ce matin n’étaient qu’un aperçu, les délégués devront s’attendre à voir des technologies encore plus novatrices.

I am also looking forward to meeting some of you at the Business to CADSI meetings scheduled this afternoon and tomorrow in the CCC Business Development Room.

I would like to begin our luncheon program today by thanking our lunch sponsor, Peerless Garments LP and our show sponsors, Stedfast and Logistik Unicorp.  You remind me that the spillover benefits of defence and security into the commercial sector and vice-versa are extensive.

I would like to invite Albert El Tassie from Peerless to the podium to introduce our luncheon speaker, RCMP Commissioner Paulson.