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Prod360 and Aleph-Networks are committed to fight cyberattacks during the pandemic!

Are you concerned with data leakage related to the crisis of Covid-19?

The number of cyber attacks increased by 667% since the beginning of the pandemic.

Attacks based on emails and communication channels are the first attack factor.

These cyberattacks, taking advantage of an unprecedented crisis context (telework, video conference etc…), have resulted in a huge growth in threats and risk vectors.

This is matching Aleph-Networks reports, which saw an exponential use of "covid-19" term associated with cyber attacks on the perimeters observed by its technologies and its teams.

Aleph and Prod360 are offering you a Cybersecurity audit (3 DarkWeb search requests - First 5 top results) and because we know its complicated you will pay what you can!

Aleph-Networks, a national defence cybersecurity and strategic intelligence solutions provider, is offering state of the art products and customer services. We are monitoring the Deep Web and the Web Dark since 2014 to detect any strategic threats and data leakage .

Prod360 is specialized in special equipment for military and police (anti-terrorism, anti-drone/UAV, metal detector gloves, Biobag,etc.), Aleph representative for Canada (Cyber security, Cyber investigations Dark and Deep web) and Attenti (quarantine management system + domestic violence GPS/RF precision location tracking/monitoring).

Posted 2020-04-22
Last Modified 2020-04-22 11:02