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Solace Power Launches Equus Flex™, the Variable-Environment, 60-Watt Wireless Power Solution

Mount Pearl, NL, June 25, 2018 – Solace Power, recent winner of Boeing’s Silver Supplier Performance Excellence Award, announced the release of the newest member in the Equus family of wireless power workhorse solutions, giving aerospace and defense companies a breakthrough solution for continuous power transfer. 

Flex solves common power challenges associated with variable loads due to environmental changes or changing power requirements.  The proprietary, electric-field based platform features an intelligent power delivery architecture with data and proximity-sensing capabilities; all without heating metal.

"Solace’s Flex platform delivers an on-point solution which exceeds customers’ expectations, providing continuous power over a range of movements, distances, and in variable environments,” said Michael Gotlieb, CEO, Solace Power. “The demand for ‘intelligent’ applications is growing in aerospace and defense, industrial automation, and other markets of high-performing wireless power. Flex fills this void today. It’s already embedded in an automotive market application and this is a natural next step,” he added.

Both Equus and Equus Flex power systems use thin, lightweight conductive foil-like or plating materials to transmit and receive, enabling flexibility in product design and seamless integration for customers. Flex uses a ground-breaking, intelligent design to deliver stable, efficient power via Solace’s patented resonant electric field-based approach.

Flex Wireless Charging Platform Features:

· 60W wireless power transmitter enhanced with data and proximity sensing capabilities

· Consistent power delivery across variable/changing environments via impedance matching  

· Built to meet FCC and CISPR standards

· Does not heat surrounding metal

· Modular system design with Integrated Bluetooth® Low Energy (LE)

· Power transfer distances of more than 100mm

To learn how to integrate Flex into your product, contact Solace Power at For more information, visit

About Solace Power

Solace Power develops next generation wireless power solutions. Our technology provides robust wireless charging that enables a world of new, previously unachievable products. Using electric fields, the technology excels across industries and applications ranging from automotive, aerospace and defense, medical, industrial automation and other intelligence-enabling applications.  Solace won Boeing’s Silver Supplier Performance Excellence Award and Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50™/Companies-to-Watch Award.


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Posted 2018-06-25
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