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Simthetiq awarded multi-year contract in support of Canadian Advanced Synthetic Environment program

Montreal, 21 September 2016


Simthetiq is pleased to announce that they have been awarded a 3 year contract (with options to extend a further 3 years) from the Canadian Department of National Defence to provide Simulation Entity Models (3D models) in support of the CASE (Canadian Advanced Synthetic Environment) program.


Under the contract, Simthetiq will be tasked to deliver 3D model content from their extensive 3D library as well as provide on-demand services for model configuration and development in support of Canadian Armed forces simulation and training activities. The models will be used by the Canadian Armed Forces in national and international training and simulation activities.


The CASE project was created with the goal of providing a distributed simulation environment that enables and supports the linking of simulators and simulation centres from various branches of the Canadian Forces in order to achieve combined, collaborative training. Simthetiq’s openflight, DIS/HLA compliant model content will be integrated into CASE-enabled training systems, which use the Genesis RTX image generator from Diamond Visionics.


Speaking on the announcement, Simthetiq CEO, Vincent Cloutier said: “This contract is a significant milestone for Simthetiq in Canada. We look forward to working closely with DND in the coming years to provide top class, immersive 3D content and high quality modeling and simulation services in support of our country’s training needs.”



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Simthetiq is a leading developer of 3D solutions for simulation, research and serious gaming. Simthetiq develops custom 3D visual content and applications to produce some of the most immersive training solutions in the industry.


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Posted 2016-09-21
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