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Gastops Ltd. to Collaborate on Development of Pratt & Whitney Canada’s Oil Analysis Technology Program

Ottawa, Canada (July 14, 2016) – Gastops Ltd., a global leader in equipment condition management solutions, announced today it has joined forces with Pratt and Whitney Canada (P&WC) to conduct baseline testing, build the operational infrastructure and jointly develop diagnostic and prognostic services for P&WC’s breakthrough Oil Analysis Technology Program. This news follows P&WC’s recent announcements at EBACE 2016 and RAA 2016 inviting customers to join the Oil Analysis Technology Trial and become early adopters of this new engine health management approach.

P&WC’s Oil Analysis Technology Program could significantly facilitate proactive maintenance interventions and drive increased aircraft availability. The new technology, currently in the final stages of development, is an innovative way of analyzing engine oil samples and identifying minute particles, allowing for the early identification of deterioration in specific oil-wetted components without having to remove the engine. The program has the potential to far exceed the capability of existing laboratory-based oil debris monitoring techniques.

“We are excited to collaborate and invest with P&WC and we look forward to working together to deliver this innovative approach to engine condition management to customers around the globe,” said Gastops CEO, Dave Muir.

The processing and analysis of oil samples from the field will be performed at the new Gastops Service Center in St. John’s Newfoundland with engineering support from the Gastops Ottawa Head Office.

The P&WC Oil Analysis Technology Program is a natural complement to Gastops’ MetalSCAN debris sensors and ChipCHECK debris analyzer products. MetalSCAN and ChipCHECK are currently used to monitor and assess aircraft engine health on-line and at the flight line by maintainers, based upon the larger debris produced from bearing and gear damage within the engine and gearbox.

As part of the collaboration agreement Gastops will be the exclusive supplier to P&WC for engine oil analysis, and will also take the lead in bringing this new technology to adjacent markets including other global aerospace, defence and industrial businesses.

“P&WC’s oil analysis technology has the potential to take on-condition engine maintenance to the next level of precision, efficacy and simplicity for customers,” said Timothy Swail, Vice President of Customer Programs at P&WC. “Gastops’ experience in developing condition-management technical solutions, as well as their track record of supplier performance with UTC Aerospace Systems and Pratt & Whitney, made the decision to join forces an easy one.”

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Gastops provides advanced products and services that improve the productivity and safety of mission-critical equipment in Defence, Aviation, Marine, Energy and Transportation applications worldwide. For more than 35 years, the company has supplied innovative fluid sensing and analysis systems and specialized engineering and technical services for the development and support of machinery condition monitoring, control and maintenance systems.


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