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The NOVO team stands out for its impressive growth.

The Canadian Business and PROFIT magazines NOVO to award a trifluvienne company, the 49th out of 500 companies of the 27th annual PROFIT 500. This is the reference ranking of high-growth businesses in Canada.

Published in the October issue of Canadian Business magazine and on the website, ranking lists companies based on growing their sales over five years. NOVO has earned a place in the standings in 2015 thanks to an increase in sales over five years to 1465%.

"Companies that are included in PROFIT 500 represent the highest stratum of entrepreneurship in Canada. They should be applauded for their positive contribution to the economy of their community - as well as that of the country. They are the perfect example of that innovation, discipline and determination can accomplish, "said James Cowan, editor of PROFIT and Canadian Business magazines.

Founded in 2005 by Alexis Bilodeau and Christian Thiffault, both engineers, NOVO specializes in the improvement and development of technology products integrating electronic engineering, software, mechanical and industrial design.

NOVO has two offices, the first in which the company was established in Trois-Rivières and a second in Laval. The company employs 31 people.

Posted 2015-10-22
Last Modified 2015-11-20 11:10