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Simthetiq releases 122,000 km2 correlated VBS3 and openflight training environment

Montreal (25 August 2015)


Available immediately, Simthetiq releases a vast cross-platform synthetic environment (virtual terrain database) to the military and commercial simulation industry, providing a common foundation that can be further exploited to facilitate joint and distributed simulation operations.  


With an open design at its core, the project is entirely built using open source geospatial information to make it readily accessible to the commercial and military simulation and training industry without complex licenses or usage restrictions.


The project is preconfigured to exploit the streaming capability of VBS 3 and other Image Generators using pageable formats (e.g. Openflight, MetaFlight and Pageable IVE). It includes detailed geo-specific military and commercial airbases and airports, extensive mountain areas and part of the Mediterranean Sea along its coastline.


Simthetiq CEO, Vincent Cloutier remarked on the release: “As we began this undertaking, we realised that the base terrain had much more to offer the industry, hence our decision to invest in the open design and release it to the market.” He added: “This terrain is not a one size fits all solution - but as an open and flexible solution, it can be easily enhanced to increase it’s usability.


For information on how to acquire a copy of the database please contact Simthetiq (




About Simthetiq:

Simthetiq is a leading developer of 3D solutions for simulation, research and serious gaming. Simthetiq develops custom 3D visual content and applications to produce some of the most immersive training solutions in the industry.


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Posted 2015-08-25
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