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Symtrex Partners with Hexis Cyber Solutions

Symtrex Inc has partners with Hexis Cyber Solutions, to provide the Hawkeye G to our clients.  The Hawkey G provides Real-Time Host Event Detection and Integration of Third-Party Security Technologies with Automated Threat Removal.

With the latest version 3.0, Hawkeye G the newcapabilities include ThreatSync™ for evidence-based detection and validation of unknown and known threats, and integration with third-party security technologies such as Palo Alto Networks and FireEye for detection and Splunk for increased threat intelligence.

New Analytics and Third Party Integrations Add More Context Improving Organizations’ Ability to Detect and Remove Threats
Leveraging threat fusion and analytics capabilities from ThreatSync™, and threat intelligence from third-party security solution providers, HawkEye G 3.0 operates as an evidence-based threat removal platform that combats attacks at machine speed. This also enables the security operations teams to more effectively leverage existing security investments as HawkEye G removes the alerts and alarms generated by the third party security product.

HawkEye G 3.0 not only provides its own host-based and network-based detection capabilities, but also integrates with enterprises’ existing security infrastructure by consuming, fusing and verifying third-party alerts. The  ThreatSync™Unified Threat Scoring Model measures threat alerts based on how successfully the adversary is meeting its objectives. If the threat is confirmed to be engaged in malicious activity, the threat score is raised and incident responders can execute automated countermeasures or receive an alert that will allow them to follow machine-guided actions to remove the threat. HawkEye G also integrates transparently into security systems, applications, and processes already in place at organizations, sending threat alerts and response actions to third-party reporting, dashboard and event management systems including Splunk, SIEMs and HawkEye AP.

The new Hawkeye G was released on April 30th, 2015. 


Posted 2015-04-24
Last Modified 2015-04-24 10:23