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CRFS appoints Waypoint Counter Surveillance as Authorized Canadian Distributor

CRFS Ltd. of Cambridge, UK and Waypoint Counter Surveillance Inc. of Ontario, Canada are pleased to announce the appointment of Waypoint as authorized Canadian Distributor of CRFS products and spectrum intelligence solutions under a formal distribution agreement. CRFS has designed the most advanced in-building and wide-area, on-site or remote 24 / 7 RF spectrum monitoring and analysis solutions with direction finding and complete geolocation capability utilizing highly sophisticated POA, AOA and TDOA technology. CRFS provides solutions for temporary, permanent, fixed or mobile applications world-wide. The RFeye® Node receiver is well respected throughout the international community and CRFS is about to release its next generation wide-band RFeye Nexus receiver. The Nexus platform represents the latest in advanced superheterodyne receiver technology with ultra-fast spectrum scanning up to 150 GHz per second, 100 MHz instantaneous bandwidth, outstanding RF performance and full PCIe high speed IQ data streaming. During a recent visit to the CRFS head office and engineering facility in Cambridge, UK, Waypoint spent several days learning about the full capabilities of the CRFS product range and seeing demonstrations that showcased its power, quality and advanced technology. Rick Fox, Director at Waypoint Counter Surveillance Inc. stated: “CRFS provides state-of-the-art RF spectrum monitoring, analysis, and geolocation systems that can be tailored to client specific requirements and to any spectrum environment from facility protection to large wide-area monitoring and surveillance. The new NEXUS platform represents a huge leap forward in receiver capability and will take CRFS spectrum intelligence systems to a new level of performance providing our customers with the most advanced, sophisticated and effective solutions for all RF spectrum analysis applications. We are very pleased to be able to offer the complete line of CRFS products and systems to the Canadian marketplace. Nick Balon, General Manager at CRFS, commented: “We are delighted to have Waypoint represent us in the Canadian market. They are very knowledgeable and well networked, particularly in the counter-surveillance, security and intelligence communities. We believe that CRFS offers the very best available monitoring solutions in terms of functionality, performance and price and that, working with Waypoint, we shall provide a first class experience for our customers in Canada.” For more information please visit or contact Rick Fox at
Posted 2014-05-25
Last Modified 2014-05-25 16:24