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L-3 Security & Detection Systems Receives U.K. Order for OptEX® Explosives Trace Detection Systems

L-3 Security & Detection Systems (SDS) announced that British Airways has purchased 20 OptEX® explosives trace detection (ETD) units. The OptEX ETD system detects explosives in less than four seconds without a reference library and without an ionizing radiation source.

“We are pleased that British Airways has chosen our easy-to-use, efficient and economical OptEX ETD system,” said Thomas M. Ripp, president of L-3 Security & Detection Systems. “The unit’s unique and innovative energetic materials detection technology quickly and safely detects any explosive compounds, including homemade explosives.”

L-3’s OptEX provides better detection, faster screening and reduced operating costs. Energetic materials detection (EMD) is based on heat signatures that are characteristic of all energetic (explosive) materials, thus eliminating the need for an explosives library and enabling increased detection of homemade explosives formulations. Because no reference library is needed, the system never needs updating. Total cost of ownership is reduced through reusable sample wipes and fewer consumables. Users of every skill level can operate OptEX with minimal training.

Posted 2013-11-14
Last Modified 2013-11-14 09:58