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New equipment aquistion

To stay on top of todays customer demands within the high-tech sector, companies must invest in new technologies and equipment. Circuit Tech has stayed true to its commitment to provide its strategic customers with in-house capability and process controls by acquiring and investing in future technologies to stay intune with the high-tech manufacturing demands of today and tomorrow.

We are very excited to offer the process of automated Conductive/ Non-Conductive Via fill as an in-house controlled process to our dedicated customers.

Circuit Tech has, as of September 1st, 2013, added the ITC Intercircuit automatic THP-35 via-fill processing equipment to its every growing technology adhancements.

This specialized process succcessfully allows us to fill holes, whether Blind or Through-Hole, for the process of via in pad technology. With the contiuned trend of electronic products becoming more compact and densely populated the realestate on todays PCB's is at a premium. Via in pad allows Engineers to utilitze the surface of thier boards more efficiently by combining these two elements of the design thus saving on board size and layer count.   

Posted 2013-11-04
Last Modified 2013-11-04 17:23