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Beretta unveils New ARX160 A3 Assualt Rifle

THE ARX160 A3 Assault rifle

LONDON, September 10th, 2013: Beretta unveiled at the 2013 DSEi Show
the new ARX160 A3 assault rifle.

Beretta delivers comprehensive and cost-effective solutions and is able to meet the stringent requirements of armed and police forces all over the world. Products range from tactical shotguns and assault rifles, to extremely accurate snipers, passing through semi-automatic pistols, submachine guns, grenade launchers, optics and accessories. In fact, Beretta is the largest group in the world for small arms and related optics and accessories. 

Over the years, Beretta has always worked closely with its end users, be it armed/police forces or game and sport shooters, to develop products with attention paid to every last detail.  This is possible as every year, a substantial investment is made in R&D and as a result, Beretta products are constantly improving and evolving to meet the ever-changing situations and requirements. 

Keeping up with this tradition, Beretta have developed the next generation of small arms with the ARX160 and GLX 160 (Grenade Launcher) are closely integrated and developed in conjunction with the Future Soldier program of the Italian Army to cater to all requirements of the modern soldier. 

The ARX160 A3 can be configured in numerous variants depending on operational requirements with minimum change of parts. The ARX is capable of single shot and fully automatic fire. The weapon was NATO qualified in 2010, after undergoing stringent testing in adverse conditions and various operational scenarios and is the only in-production and in-service multi-calibre weapon (with 3 calibres) available in the market. The upper and lower receiver are made of high impact reinforced polymer and the barrel from specialized steel made to Beretta specification and is nickel-chromium plated with different rifling pitch in accordance to the caliber to provide unmatched precision and reliability.

The weapon is fully ambidextrous with seamless transition from right to left hand users and vice versa with all controls including fire selector and magazine release available on both sides.  Cocking handle and ejection side can also be reversed within seconds in the field based on requirements and allowing for compatibility with state-of-the-art technologies such as corner-shot. Weapon is equipped with mil standard 1913 Picatinny rails on all sides to allow for 100% compatibility with any available sights or accessories. In addition, the weapon is virtually lubricant free which is a huge advantage when operating in sandy/desert conditions.  The weapon is extremely light weight; approximately 3 kg without accessories in standard configuration.

The GLX 160 Grenade Launcher is the lightest in the world at less than 1 kg and is available as UBGL, mounted on bottom Picatinny rail within a matter of seconds as well as in stand-alone configuration.  The GLX has an effective range of 400m and can be equipped with latest Fire Control Systems (FCS).

System Highlights:

 Modularity;
 Simplicity of use and Pin Free Design;
 High operating reliability;
 High fire volume;
 Comfortable handling, especially for use in Close Quarter Combat and Fighting in Built Up Areas;
 Quick Change of Barrel
 Ambidextrous case ejection by simply pushing a dedicated button
 Interchangeable barrel in less than 10 seconds
 Reversible cocking handle
 Add-on Grenade Launcher to be integrated via Picatinny interface
 Field stripping without using any tool
 Fully ambidextrous handling
 Folding and telescopic stock
 Multicaliber option via changing barrel, low receiver and bolt head (the only limit is the projectile case length that doesn’t have to exceed 45 mm) 
 Six sling attachments
 Three magazine release buttons
 Firing mode selector specifically designed for fast operation without changing the firing position
 Light weight and very high degree of ergonomics;


ARX 160 A3 grants 100% functionality at low temperature:
Up to -47° C

ARX 160 A3 grants 100% functionality at high temperature:
Up to +54 °C

ARX 160 A3 has overpassed the most severe sand tests
ARX 160 A3 fires in salt water , mud , swamp , jungle and any hostile environment
ARX 160 A3 is light and easy to carry during disembarkation operation
Weight with empty magazine: approx: 3.1-3.5 Kg accordingly to the  version.
ARX 160 A3 can be adopted for short / medium range combat engagement
16” barrel length and red dot or telescopic sight.
ARX 160 A3 can be used for vehicles patrol and protection.
ARX 160 A3 is compact and light to carry for paratrooper operations
Folded stock and 9,5 “ barrel: only 520 mm overall. L
ARX 160 A3 can be easy configured for night and under cover mission
11” barrel length, silencer, laser aiming system, night vision, tactical torch
ARX 160 A3 has a great accuracy at short / medium range shooting
ARX 160 A3 is easy to be familiarized by Military and L.E. personell
All the controls are ambidextrous
ARX 160 A3 can be used in Customs Police operations.
Compact and light to carry
ARX 160 A3 is compact and easy to be stored in vehicles.
Folding stock, six swivels carrying sling options
ARX 160 A3 incorporates the technical requirements for precautionary break in operations
11” barrel , silencer, laser aiming system

Beretta Defense Technologies is an alliance of four market leading companies: Beretta, Benelli, Sako and Steiner. These founding companies of Beretta Defense Technologies have been globally well known through decades of leadership, innovation and investment and now form a single source contact for the high tech military & law enforcement hardware they are renowned for.

Beretta Defense Technologies is a concept that has grown from the needs of governments and agencies to cover a wide range of complicated scenarios, by providing with the unique combination of services, weaponry and equipment – from firearms, ammunition, optronics to tactical clothing – in order to match every operational needs.

For more Information Contact:
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