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PLM 2013 - International PLM Conference

SCIPE GROUP will be attending in France the 2013 PLM international conference

PLM International Conference (PLM IC) brings together researchers, developers, and users of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), an integrated business approach to the collaborative creation, management and dissemination of engineering data throughout the extended enterprises that create, manufacture and operate engineered products and systems.

PLM International Conference is of specific interest to the following topics:

PLM for sustainability, traceability and performance
PLM and influence of/from social networks,
PLM infrastructure and implementation processes,
PLM maturity and improvement concepts,
PLM and collaborative product development,
Capture and reuse of product and process information,
PLM and knowledge management,
PLM and organizational change management,
PLM virtual and simulation environments,
Enterprise systems integration,
Interoperability and security issues,
PLM and the environment,
PLM educational and training approaches.

Posted 2013-07-06
Last Modified 2013-05-27 13:02