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Universal Exotic Modulation Detector (UEMD) - Counter Surveillance Equipment Resource

Waypoint Counter Surveillance Inc. is pleased to announce the Universal Exotic Modulation Detector (UEMD), a compact, handheld, highly sensitive specialized Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) equipment resource.

The innovative UEMD allows, when checking radiating fields within a room, to detect, localize and demodulate ultrasonic, induction, visible light (all colours) and non visible bulb, LED, IR, UV and laser light audio transmission technical surveillance devices and systems. No other TSCM search, detection or location equipment resource is capable of detecting all such modulation types.

Technical attacks go beyond the realm of conventional RF transmitting audio devices and pose a significant threat at all operational levels. These attacks can now be detected and effectively countered.

*The restricted version of the UEMD kit is available to government, military and law enforcement agencies. Access to the restricted area of our web site requires credentials issued to authorized users by Waypoint Counter Surveillance Inc.

For more information please contact Rick Fox at , 416-414-7231 or visit the Waypoint Counter Surveillance Inc. web site at

Posted 2013-04-22
Last Modified 2013-04-22 14:11