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Military Procurement Reforms Will Benefit Canada

Good for our men and women in uniform, good for industry, good for Canada

Ottawa, February 5, 2014 – The following remarks can be attributed to Tim Page, president of the Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries (CADSI) on the announcement by the Government of a Defence Procurement Strategy to guide future military acquisitions.

“This is a critical and positive milestone, and a transformational approach to how our military and Coast Guard will be equipped and supported. On behalf of more than 1,000 CADSI members and the industries’ 109,000 employees, we give full credit to the Government for today’s comprehensive response to its Budget 2013 commitment to improve defence procurement outcomes.  

The principles of this new approach are fundamentally sound. A defence acquisition guide to increase procurement predictability for industry and the Government; improved challenge and oversight functions in the procurement process; support for domestic industrial objectives as part of bid evaluations; leveraging of  key industrial capabilities to strengthen Canada’s economic and national security interests; economic diplomacy to enhance the sector’s export success; and, a new approach to decision-making – including early, regular and formalized engagement with industry – is quite simply a paradigm shift aimed at delivering successful procurement outcomes that advantage Canada.

We, like the Government, believe these measures can be implemented successfully without compromise to equipment capabilities, the operational readiness of the Canadian Armed Forces or project costs. Greater predictability and improved process and governance frameworks will reduce risk, better manage project costs and result in a greater likelihood of successful procurement outcomes.

Once in operational effect, the policy and implementing measures announced today will strengthen the Canadian Armed Forces and Canadian Coast Guard, and enhance Canada’s economic and national security interests.  We look forward to continuing to work closely with the Government to fully realize the clear intent of these policy, process and governance measures.”

CADSI is the national voice of Canada’s defence and security industries, a sector that employs 109,000 Canadians and generates more than 12.6 billion dollars for our economy each year.


Posted 2014-02-05
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