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“We will further develop our partnership with industry and academia from all Allies
to keep pace with technological advances through innovation.”
Brussels Summit Declaration

The next NATO-Industry Forum 2021 will take place in the context of NATO 2030 and the Reflection Process, initiated by NATO Secretary General, to make sure the Alliance remains fit for purpose in the current and foreseeable security environment. This security environment is dynamic, ambiguous and uncertain, and shaped in particular by:

  1. the continuously changing character of warfare;
  2. an ever-growing pace of technological innovation, driven by the commercial sector;
  3. increased interdependence of instruments of power and domains of operation that increasingly demand agility and innovation;
  4. multiplication of strategically relevant actors, with complex connections; and,
  5. compression of time in relation to decision-making from operational to strategic.

To retain its military edge, the Alliance needs to rely on consistent, mission-driven capabilities, delivered and adapted at the speed of relevance. At the same time we witness an unprecedented growth and acceleration of technological development, especially in the digital domain. To face tomorrow's challenges, the Alliance needs to maintain its technological edge on international competitors.

Ahead of NATO-Industry Forum 2021, tentatively planned mid-2021 in Rome, NATO's Supreme Allied Commander Transformation and the International Staff/Defence Investment are organising a webinar - “NIF Linked” - on March 11th, 2021, and a call for papers for Industry at large.

Defence or non-traditional Defence, innovative, small or start-ups companies, the National Armament Directors, allied government agencies and experts are invited to submit papers to support NATO's endeavour to adapt defence capability development and acquisition to the challenges of the changing security environment, in particular along two lines of effort:

  1. capability development and acquisition processes driven by the imperative of agility and continuous integration of innovation;
  2. development of a mission-focused approach to capability development and acquisition, fueled by system-of-systems capability architecture and open standards, in order to enable consistent, mission-driven capability development across the Alliance.

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March 11, 2021