Canadarm3 Information Session co-organized by the CSA and MDA

Event Description

Canadarm3 is Canada's contribution to the US-led Lunar Gateway, a lunar outpost that will enable sustainable human exploration of the Moon. This highly autonomous robotic system will use cutting-edge technologies and AI to perform tasks to support the Gateway’s operations and maintenance with or without human intervention.


The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) and MDA would like to invite you to the “Canadarm3 Information Session”. Led by the CSA and organized in collaboration with MDA, this event will present participants with an opportunity to learn about:


1. The CSA’s Canadarm3 Vision;

2. The Industrial and Technological Benefits Policy and Public Services and Procurement Canada Procurement Process; and,

3. Canadarm3’s Prime Contractor, MDA.


Contact information will be provided following the event for questions and to organize discussions on opportunities for collaboration.

To participate in the Canadarm3 Information Session, please register here. Be sure to include a short description of your firm as this information will be shared with MDA in order to initiate further discussions.


Event Details

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January 14, 2021