Effective Ways to Manage (and Grow!) Commercial OEM Relationships During the Current Era

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Aerospace suppliers and their Commercial OEMs were all facing market, working capital, globalization, producibility, and profitability pressures even before the COVID-19 pandemic caused major disruption in commercial aviation travel and air cargo. Suppliers have been asked to absorb price cuts, raw material cost increases, deferral and cancellation of orders, market share adjustments (if dual or triple sourced), force majeure notifications, cash, liquidity, and payment challenges, and cost-cutting measures. This has caused pressure on Tiered suppliers and in turn, their supply chain, lenders, and private equity sponsors. 

This webinar will provide positive practical advice and perspectives on how to globally manage and lean into the current disruption while maintaining (and growing) OEM, module, and major assembly customer relationships. In addition to discussing strategies and tactics for addressing the current market of a “new normal,” the speakers will provide their insight into how to plan and execute for the future environment, including the risk and opportunity identification of key issues within LTAs (long-term agreements).   

Note that this webinar is free of charge, however pre-registration is required.

Contact Melissa Grosso at the US Department of Commerce (Connecticut)  860-638-6955


Gina Bento, US Commercial Service (Montreal)

Speakers include:

  • Gina Bento, Commercial Specialist (Aerospace Sector), US Commercial Service Montreal
  • Jeff White, of U.S. law firm Robinson & Cole LLP
  • Tracy Darrow, of KPMG Advisory’s Operations CoE (and formerly of Rolls-Royce, GE Aviation, and Dover

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November 24, 2020


Online Webinar

Online Webinar