Board of Directors

The Board of Directors, elected by members at the Annual General Meeting, is the governing body of the Association. The Board is comprised of senior leaders from a broad spectrum of defence and security interests. Its role is to set the strategic direction of the Association and to establish policies, programs and services consistent with the Association's strategic direction and governing bylaws.

Board Members

profile-image: Mike Greenley
Mike Greenley (Chair)
profile-image: Ray Castelli
Ray Castelli (Vice Chair)
profile-image: Barney Bangs
Barney Bangs
profile-image: Brian Carter
Brian Carter
profile-image: Rosemary Chapdelaine
Rosemary Chapdelaine
Vice President and General Manager
profile-image: Danny Deep
Danny Deep
Vice President
profile-image: Spencer Fraser
Spencer Fraser
CEO Federal Fleet Services Inc.
profile-image: Martin Gagné
Martin Gagné
Senior Strategic Advisor
Martin Gagné Consulting Inc.
profile-image: David A. Gossen
David A. Gossen
profile-image: Anne Healey
Anne Healey
General Manager
profile-image: Tracy Medve
Tracy Medve
profile-image: Doug Rae
Doug Rae
Vice President, Business Development
profile-image: Rafal Rohozinski
Rafal Rohozinski
profile-image: Derrick Rowe
Derrick Rowe
profile-image: Dave Spagnolo
Dave Spagnolo
Vice President, Sales and Marketing
profile-image: Kevin Ford
Kevin Ford
President and CEO
profile-image: Chris Pogue
Chris Pogue
Vice President Strategy and Business Development and Vice President Public Safety and Security Solutions