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NCI Academy - Cooperation Info Session

Thursday, Oct 25th
Universidade Catolica Lisbon, Portugal

About NCI Academy:
The NCI Agency is a major provider of world-class C4ISR and Cyber training courses to NATO and NATO nations. Through its training service catalogue of over 300 courses it serves over 8000 students annually. Starting in 2019, the NCI Agency will reorganize its Education & Training services through the creation of the NCI Academy. This reorganisation
includes a thorough review of the entire training service catalogue to align with training needs and constant technological evolution, and to ensure a cutting edge training delivery capability. At the same time, the geographic footprint is reorganized with the closure of the current facilities in Latina, Italy and the opening of a state-of-the-art facility in Oeiras, Portugal. The NCI Academy in Portugal will serve as the new flagship training delivery location, that also makes use of the latest digital methods for remote learning. The Initial Operating Capability (IOC) is planned for September 2019. The NCI Academy sees partnerships with Academia and Industry as an opportunity to raise the already high quality of Education and Training services to even higher standards. The creation of a network of instructors to support the growing demand is one of the opportunities the Agency aims to explore. This information session is planned to allow interested parties to learn more about the NCI Academy and its plans. 

Session Highlights:
›› NCI Academy roadmap/plan
›› NCI Academy organisation
›› NCI Academy Oeiras building in Oeiras
›› The C4ISR & Cyber course curriculum and ambitions
›› How to do business with the NCI Academy
›› What is a partnership with the NCI Academy – Católica as case study
›› How to establish a partnership with the NCI Academy

Who should attend?
Representatives from industry, Academia and Military Training establishments who are interested in creating synergy with the NCI Academy, in one or more of the following fields:
›› Training capacity – exchanging instructors for C4ISR & Cyber related courses
›› Training methodology / technology – sharing best practices or infrastructure for innovative (digital) ways of learning
›› Training content – exchanging content to continuously align courses to the latest developments in the field
›› Student volumes – referring each other’s programmes to new target audiences, increasing exposure

Info Session
Organised by NCI Agency
Hosted by Universidade Catolica
Wednesday 25 October 2018
08:30 Registration
09:00 Start of session
12:30 End of session