Eurosatory 2016

Opening of the Canada Pavilion

Opening Remarks

June 13th, 08:30, Paris, France

Check Against Delivery

Thank you all for participating in the opening of the Canada Pavilion at Eurosatory 2016.

Our Canadian delegation to Eurosatory is over 140 people strong, from 6 different government departments and agencies, and from industry and so in keeping with the timing of this event – right over Euro Cup 2016 - it represents its very own form of Team Canada, although I must say that as one of our players, I probably need to be benched for being so out of shape.

We have over 40 Canadian companies who have come with us to exhibit under the winning banner of the Canada Pavilion. That is up from just 9 companies in 2012.

When you translate that to the square feet required for the Canada Pavilion it means we require 4000 square feet, up from just over one thousand in 2012. That is an increase of 280 per cent. All the business types have just gotten super excited.

The growing Canadian presence at Eurosatory is one reason why Canadian defence exports have climbed 10 per cent to represent 60 per cent of our sales between 2011 and 2014. This was one of the findings of a report released a few weeks ago by the Government of Canada in collaboration with the Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries.

This report is the most detailed, sophisticated and comprehensive study of the Canadian defence industry ever completed. It confirms that Canada’s 63,000 person defence industry is high wage, export intensive, technology rich, and pan-Canadian.

I will spare you the stats, but let me say that with $10B in annual sales of which $6B of that comes from exports, it’s clear that when we work together, we can accomplish that much more - promoting the best that our exhibitors and Canadian industry has to offer. What we have here is a “Whole of Canada” effort.

Thank you for participating in the Canada Pavilion and have a great show!