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Tulmar collaborates with local hospital to develop reusable visors

To help fill demand for personal protective equipment in its local community, Tulmar Safety Systems worked with the Hawkesbury General Hospital in Eastern Ontario to develop a full-face protection visor for nurses, doctors, and other frontline workers. This visor can be sanitized and re-used multiple times.   


“We are committed to supporting our community and now more than ever is a good time to make a difference. This experience brought together teams of people who don’t normally work together, and it was for achieving a common goal,” said Barney Bangs, owner and CEO of Tulmar.  


Tulmar will deliver the face shields to the Hawkesbury General Hospital and will also donate some to the local fire department before making them available to a wider market.  


About Tulmar 


Tulmar Safety Systems Inc. is a fully integrated designer and manufacturer of engineered protective equipment and survivability solutions for the aerospace and defence markets worldwide. The company’s products range from highly specialized protection equipment for military vehicles to inflatable life support and flotation products for military and aerospace applications. Tulmar’s cabin safety training equipment is sold to more than 65 airlines around the world. Products are supported through a fully certified repair and overhaul division.  


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Posted 2020-05-11
Last Modified 2020-05-28 13:18