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October 8, 2020

Equipped SAN IPV Successfully Completes FAAT - Redefining IPV Capabilities with Navigational and Tactical Punch

Fitted with OSI’s Integrated Navigation and Tactical Systems, the first new Multi Mission Inshore Patrol Vessel (MMIPV), part of the South African Navy’s project BIRO, successful completed its First Article Acceptance Test (FAAT).

The IPV, one of three being built at Damen Shipyards Cape Town in South Africa, will be used for coastal maritime activities which include patrol and protection of economic waters. The vessel’s role resulted in project requirements that combined cost efficiency and flexibility.

“We’re proud of being part of the South African BIRO program and being able to optimize a system design,” commented Ken Kirkpatrick, President and CEO, OSI Maritime Systems. “As part of the Defence Industrial Participation (DIP) and the Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) programs we are very proud to work with Cybicom Atlas Defence, our local industrial partner, supporting a sustainable defence industry in South Africa."

By using existing OSI technology there was a minimal requirement for development, a shortened delivery lead time, and the inclusion of low-risk tactical options. OSI engaged the customer, designing and providing an innovative bridge solution to meet their needs. The Company fitted the IPV with a navigation and tactical suite that included OSI’s ECPINS, Tactical Asset Control and Tracking (T-ACT), and Integrated Mission Management System (IMMS). ECPINS, OSI’s proprietary WECDIS, the only WECDIS independently certified against NATO WECDIS STANAG 4564, is fully integrated into critical sensor inputs including X-band and S-band radars, magnetic compass, gyrocompass, W-AIS, Inertial Navigation System, Optical Bearing Device, and a GPS module.

The addition of T-ACT and IMMS added additional tactical punch. Successfully used by the SAN since 2014, T-ACT hosts independent WECDIS and W-AIS functionality providing proven Command and Control (C2) capabilities. T-ACT ensures secure communication between the Mother Ship and associated Boarding Boat(s) in scenarios that involve surveillance, engagement of suspect craft, or operations at distance from Mother. The same WECDIS and T-ACT functionality will also be installed on the SAN’s new Hydrographic vessel and it’s survey boats.

The IMMS, designed specifically for Patrol Boats and OPV, provides: situational awareness & understanding, tactical aids and weapon support, by integrating the various (combat) sensors and effectors with OSI’s ECPINS advanced WECDIS capabilities extended with extra tactical functions and the powerful OSI proprietary chart engine.

“I’d sum up the MMIPV as a Patrol Vessel with big capacity,” stated Jim Davison, VP, Business Development, OSI. “It was a very interesting project for OSI, as we applied solutions to this compact vessel that are typically found on bigger or combat ready ships.”


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