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Forensik Conference : Are you ready for a security breach ?

Why should you attend this conference ?


In a context where cybersecurity threat increasingly growing and complex, this event aims to : 
  • Equip you to respond effectively to these challenges
  • and put you in relation with private organizations, governments, cyberinsurers, lawyers, police and incident response specialists who can help you prepare.
Come meet high-level speakers and incident response experts to prepare for cyberattacks.
You will learn :
  • what are the cybersecurity incident situations from which you are not immune ;
  • how to prepare if an cybersecurity incident arrive ;
  • the duties of directors and officers in the event of a security breach ;
  • how cyberinsurances can help you ;
  • how and when to use the incident response experts
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Posted 2019-11-05
Last Modified 2019-11-05 10:42