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Simthetiq providing continued support to Canadian Advanced Synthetic Environment simulation projects


Simthetiq is pleased to announce new taskings under the CASE SEM contract from the Canadian Department of National Defence (DND) to grow the Canadian Armed Forces’ (CAF) access to additional simulation entity models from their interoperable 3D Model Library.

Simthetiq was selected in 2016 for the unique benefits offered by their X1 library, such as the ability to publish to multiple simulation formats, access to source files and the capacity to further enhance the 3d models with crucial functionalities such as material encoding for sensor/thermal simulation.

Vincent Cloutier, CEO of Simthetiq stated: “We are extremely proud of our continuing role as a supplier to the Canadian DND. We are looking forward to support the growing needs of existing and new CAF customers as well as expanding the use of Simthetiq’s library by other allied nations.”



About Simthetiq

Serving the defense and civil aviation markets for over a decade, we provide the most versatile end-to-end simulation solutions and bring training ever closer to reality. Simthetiq offers immersive visual solutions, software development and integration services in support of mission-critical simulation and training requirements.


About Simthetiq Entity Models

Simthetiq’s X1 Library is the largest repository of non-classified, simulation ready, DIS and HLA compliant 3d models and terrain databases. Interoperable across all game engines and image generators, and deployable across enterprise simulation networks, Simthetiq’s X1 Library is a reference for distributed and joint training and simulation operations.

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Posted 2018-11-19
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