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Strengthen Work Place Communications and Your Teams’ Effectiveness

Looking to improve your teams productivity and efficiency? If so, consider submitting a work place project proposal to Telfer’s Complex Project Leadership Program. If selected, one of our Master of Business in Complex Project Leadership candidates would examine your organization, provide a succinct analysis, and recommend solution options for your organization. 

Current candidates and leaders in the field of complex program management will apply their newest skills to complete an exclusive consulting project for your firm; in an effort to hone business interactions, streamline efficiency and build proactive teams. With a proven ROI this specialized Master’s program seeks to instil the necessary hard and soft skills in order to better your company’s performance.

To view the complete Workplace Project brochure, go to the following link:

For more information call our Business Development Manager,  Mercedes Zanon at 613-562-5800 x 7922 or visit us at:


Posted 2017-02-23
Last Modified 2017-03-02 10:59