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DND Architecture Framework (DNDAF) Security Views

CloseReach Ltd. is pleased to announce the extension of DND's Architecture Framework (DNDAF) to include seven new security "views" facilitating integration of security information and enterprise architecture content. Security views will be used to:

•Identify departmental assets and their security parameters
•Improve overall security control of DND assets
•Ensure a clear understanding of what security controls are required for a new or existing system/asset
•Speed up approval of systems on networks
•Control proliferation of security software/hardware solutions
•Simplify the security audit process
CloseReach Ltd. provides QualiWare enterprise architecture software, training and support services to DND. For more information contact CloseReach at 613-505-0262 or
Posted 2016-03-01
Last Modified 2016-04-03 15:48