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6 July 2015 – St-Laurent, Quebec, Canada

Mannarino Systems & Software (MANNARINO) announced today that it has broadened its service offering to include verification of Airborne Electronic Hardware (AEH) for the aerospace industry per the industry’s RTCA/DO-254 guidelines.
MANNARINO has launched these services in response to customer demand for cost-effective verification of both programmable hardware devices and Circuit Card Assemblies (CCA) to meet evolving aerospace certification authority requirements within North America and Europe.

“Over the past 15 years, MANNARINO has built its expertise primarily in the aerospace industry, providing systems and software services to more than 20 customers over a wide product range including engine controls (FADEC), avionics, Health and Usage Monitoring Systems (HUMS) and aerial refueling systems, resulting in a tremendous gain of system/software life cycle and certification expertise. During this time, we also contributed to various DO-254 programs through the development of planning and requirements documents. Over the past 2 years, we further enhanced our service offering through the addition of Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA) airborne software and AEH Design Approval Representative (DARs) to our staff. Our recent expansion into DO-254 verification is another natural extension of our service offering. With the growth in usage of programmable hardware devices and, at times, the challenging certification considerations governing the design, verification and validation of these devices, our customers are requesting MANNARINO provide reliable and cost-effective solutions for their hardware development programs. We are currently completing our first DO-254 verification program which includes Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) simulation and target testing, development of CCA test procedures and support to certification authority verification/validation audits. We intend to grow our DO-254 service offering to include design of FPGA and Programmable Logic Device (PLD) code in a similar manner as we did for software in our early years of operation. As always, we thank our customers for trusting MANNARINO as a service partner in the development of their safety-critical products and look forward to continually evolving our services to better serve their needs.”

John Mannarino
President and Founder


MANNARINO is highly specialized in the design, verification and validation of safety-critical systems, software and electronic hardware for the aerospace, defense, space, simulation and power generation industries. MANNARINO has significant experience with the latest aerospace certification standards including systems, software and electronic hardware development guidelines (ARP 4754A, RTCA/DO-178B/C & RTCA/DO-254). To further complement our offering to our aerospace customers, MANNARINO provides Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA) delegate services, with TCCA Design Approval Representatives (DAR) on staff for airborne software & airborne electronic hardware.

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Posted 2015-07-06
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