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Airborne Surveillance Mission System for Helicopters


CONTROP and Aviatech to Debut a Comprehensive 
Airborne Surveillance Mission System for Helicopters 
at  CANSEC 2015

Ideal for Defense Naval or Air Operations, as well as Law Enforcement applications, the newly developed A-SMS has been recently STC certified by Canada's Civil Aviation Authority (TCCA) and by the Brazilian Civil Aviation Authority (ANAC) and is in final stages of receiving similar certification from the USA (FAA).

CANSEC 2015, Ottawa, 27-28/5/15, Exhibit Space #530
CONTROP Precision Technologies Ltd. – a world leader in EO/IR defense and homeland security solutions – and Aviatech Technical Services - a major player in aerospace engineering and certifications - will unveil their recently developed and certified A-SMS Airborne – Surveillance Mission System for helicopters at CANSEC 2015. The A-SMS is a complete turnkey solution especially designed and certified by Aviatech Technical Services, a Canadian aerospace company, for converting Law Enforcement and Government Helicopters into an advanced EO/IR surveillance mission configuration.  These surveillance platforms are most commonly used by the Defense sector for ISR operations or for a variety of Law Enforcement applications including Police, Search and Rescue (SAR), Fire Fighting and Coastal/Border Surveillance.  

According to the CEO of Aviatech Technical Services, Mr. Mirko Zgela: "We are proud to present for the first time at CANSEC 2015 this new affordable airborne surveillance suite".  The A-SMS is offered with a variety of CONTROP’s EO/IR Gyro-stabilized Payloads, including the Full HD and high performance DSP-HD, the Full HD medium-range QUAD-HD or the compact and lightweight SHAPO. This variety enables the Customer to select a configuration which best matches the operational requirements.

In addition to the payload, the A-SMS includes an Operator’s Work Station with a display monitor, DVR, Control Unit, Mission Computer and Moving Map Software. This software features Augmented Reality (AR) as well as several additional (optional) capabilities such as Cockpit Display, Video Downlink and a Searchlight which is “slaved” to the payload’s Line-of-Sight (LOS).  Also included is a certified A-Kit for mounting the payload and the entire system on the helicopter.

“Our A-SMS recently received STC (Supplementary Type) Certification by the Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA) and by the Brazilian Civilian Aviation Authority (ANAC), and is in the process of receiving certificate validation by the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for one of the most popular type of Defence/Police surveillance platforms in Canada, the AS 350/355.” Mr.  Zgela goes on to say that “Now that we have received these important certifications, we have the capability to offer this upgrade package to all AS 350/355 Operators and we are also more than ready to certify the package on other helicopter or aircraft models, upon Customer’s request. Furthermore, the A-SMS is very attractively priced relative to similar systems and is ITAR free.” 

The following product will be displayed at the Aviatech stand at CANSEC 2015:
DSP-HD high performance EO/IR Gyro-stabilized Payload with up to five EO/IR sensors including a Full HD Day Camera and a Thermal Imaging Camera, both with a powerful Continuous Optical Zoom Lens, a Full HD, High Magnification Day Spotter Camera, an Eyesafe Laser Rangefinder and a Laser Pointer. 

About Aviatech Technical Services Inc.:
Aviatech Technical Services (ATS) specializes in systems’ integration on manned and unmanned aerial vehicles and in the development of aeronautical products. A strong engineering department combined with an Approved Maintenance Organization (AMO) and an Approved Manufacturing Organization (AMFO) allow ATS to provide its clients with complete turn-key solutions from design-to-air worthiness certification of products and modification, including flight testing.

About CONTROP Precision Technologies Ltd.:
CONTROP specializes in the development and production of Electro-Optical and Precision Motion Control Systems. CONTROP’s main product lines include: Automatic passive Intruder Detection Systems for airport perimeter surveillance, coastal surveillance, port and harbor security, border surveillance, the security of sensitive sites and ground troops security; High performance Stabilized Observation Payloads used for day and night surveillance on board UAVs, SUAVs and aerostats/balloons, helicopters, light aircraft, maritime patrol boats and ground vehicles; Thermal Imaging Cameras with high performance Continuous Zoom Lens and state-of-the-art image enhancement features, and more. CONTROP’s products are in daily operational use in many of the most critical surveillance, homeland security and defense programs worldwide.

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