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Simthetiq becomes North American Reseller for TrianGraphics

MONTREAL, Canada (24 November, 2014) Today, Simthetiq becomes TrianGraphics’ reseller of their flagship Trian3DBuilder software for the North American defence & aerospace, transportation, mining and simulation industries. Simthetiq becomes the first port of call for Trian3DBuilder support and will provide its own expertise to help customers unlock the software’s full potential. By combining their complementary product and service offering into the mix, Simthetiq will help clients develop comprehensive and effective 3D visualisation solutions. Simthetiq CEO, Vincent Cloutier stated: "We look forward to providing our expertise and support to Trian3DBuilder customers in North America. Offering outstanding products like Trian3DBuilder, in combination with class-leading services will not just broaden our client base, but also help those clients combine high-performance specifications, and high-fidelity visuals in their terrain database work." This new role confirms TrianGraphics’ confidence in Simthetiq’s technical capabilities and their ability to develop strong, long-term customer relationships. Stephan Kussmaul, Managing Director of TrianGraphics said: “We are pleased to have Simthetiq as a distribution partner as they will offer a new, increased level of proximity for current and prospective North American customers. Given their long-term use and excellent knowledge of our software, we could not have wished for a better advocate for our products.” Both companies will jointly exhibit their complementary products and services at I/ITSEC 2014 in Orlando. About Simthetiq As a developer of 3D solutions for simulation, research and serious gaming, Simthetiq develops custom 3D visual content and applications to produce some of the most immersive training solutions in the industry. For more information visit: and About TrianGraphics TrianGraphics has over 10 years of experience in the simulation industry and is specialized in creative tools and services for terrain database generation. TrianGraphics' flagship product Trian3DBuilder is a database generation system with a comprehensive feature set and a modern user interface. Trian3DBuilder is meeting the most demanding visual and technical requirements for real-time simulation and has grown to become one of the most powerful and efficient solutions on the market. For more information visit:
Posted 2014-11-24
Last Modified 2014-11-24 17:02