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Announcing DTA-9590, Tunable Ultra-Wideband RF Transceiver

Ottawa, Canada – D-TA Systems Inc., a leading manufacturer of sensor processing solutions for demanding applications, today announced DTA-9590, a 500 MHz to 18 GHz Tunable RF Transceiver with an operating BW of 500 MHz. Targeted for the Radar ELINT and Ultra-Wideband communications markets, DTA-9590 includes an RF down-converter with an instantaneous BW of 500 MHz, a 12-bit 1.8 GSPS ADC, Virtex 6 FPGA based programmable DDC, an optional 12-bit 4 GSPS DAC, two 10 Gigabit optical networks for data transfer and a separate 1 Gigabit optical network for control. DTA-9590 is a 1U high and a 19” rack mountable system. Many options are available for DTA-9590, including frequency range extension to 40 GHz, programmable operating bandwidths of 500 MHz, 250 MHz, 125 MHz and others, software development kit and user application development support. For ultra-wideband spectrum processing, D-TA offers RFVision-2, a fully integrated and tested system [2U high] that includes DTA-9590 and DTA-1000R RAID Server. The DTA-1000R provides 7.6 TB data storage capacity (SSD drives) for real-time recording of 500 MHz BW complex baseband (I & Q) data for over 1 hour at a sustained rate of 1.6 GBytes/s. The RFvision-2 system is supplied with SigInspectorTM 2 software for manual & automated spectrum scanning, activity detection and real-time recording of 500 MHz BW signal, file transfer and also analog playback of stored or computer generated data. The system includes many options, including frequency range extension to 40 GHz, analog IF output, simultaneous processing while recording, Platinum Blue file support, additional storage capacity and more. For more technical information on both DTA-9590 & RFvision-2, download Tech Note TN-32. Contact for pricing & delivery. About D-TA Systems Inc. Established in 2007, D-TA Systems Inc caters to the EW/ISR market with system-level COTS solutions that drastically cut the deployment time & cost. D-TA offers sensor interface solutions for radio, radar and sonar applications. These products incorporate 10 Gigabit data backbone for super-speed data transfer to and from server class computers. Multiple networks can be deployed for scalability. The application software resides on the server and hence system reconfiguration and upgrade are options. D-TA has an impressive customer list that includes, DoD, major US prime contractors and international prime contractors and Govt agencies.
Posted 2014-04-15
Last Modified 2014-04-28 14:08