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ING Robotic Aviation Releases New Corporate Video

ING Robotic Aviation (ING Engineering Inc.) has been delivering airborne sensing solutions to the public and private sectors globally since 2001. As Canada’s leader in Robotic Aviation, the company is a growing world-class corporation focused on providing affordable solutions to the Oil & Gas, Defence & Public Safety, Mining and Utilities sectors. ING’s fleet of unmanned aircraft and sensors address requirements through commercial applications, such as infrastructure inspections, aerial photography, environmental monitoring and wildlife surveying, more accurately and cost effectively than traditional methods. The company’s clients are getting the right information in the right hands in a timely manner, while also discovering entirely new uses and capabilities for robotic aviation. ING is at the forefront of a disruptive technological and operational change, focused on re-inventing aviation. Discover how an unmanned systems solution delivered by ING Robotic Aviation can meet your organization’s needs.
Posted 2013-03-07
Last Modified 2013-03-13 13:31