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CADSI's Response to Budget 2015

The Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries congratulates the Government of Canada on Budget 2015

Ottawa, April 21, 2015 – The Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries (CADSI) today congratulated the Government of Canada on Budget 2015.

“Not only is the budget balanced, which is a good thing for Canadians, but it provides a range of initiatives that are important to Canada’s national defence and national security, which is all about keeping all of us safe,” noted CADSI President Christyn Cianfarani. 

The Budget has committed to increase the Department of National Defence’s inflation escalator, adding more than $11 billion to the department’s purchasing power over the next ten years, and has provided an additional $23 million over four years to upgrade the physical security of Canadian Armed Forces bases. 

“These are important measures to support the ongoing recapitalization of the Canadian Armed Forces, who deserve to be out there with the best equipment possible so that they can do the hard things we ask them to do for our country,” said Ms. Cianfarani. 

In addition, Industry Canada’s resources for the analysis of the Canadian defence industrial base to support the objectives of the Defence Procurement Strategy have been significantly enhanced. And, the Trade Commissioner service is being provided with an additional $42 million over five years to help Canadian companies penetrate foreign markets.  

“For Canadian Companies, the Budget 2015 initiatives are about ensuring that Canadians look after Canadians and that we do this with the best products and services available”, said Ms. Cianfarani. “Doing this requires strong and innovative Canadian companies. Collectively these investments will help us better understand what we have to offer at home, on the world stage, and win contracts abroad.”

The Budget also included various initiatives to enhance cyber security both within the government and private sector.

“The nearly $100 million of funding allocated in Budget 2015 to enhance and upgrade Canada’s cyber systems and infrastructure are necessary measures that will bolster Canada’s national security as well as the personal security of Canadians. Our world leadership in cyber technologies will stand to be strengthened by this kind of sizeable investment,” said Ms. Cianfarani.  

Posted 2015-04-21
Last Modified 2015-04-22 05:55