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Ottawa, November 27, 2013 – “Today’s launch of a detailed blueprint for creating jobs and opportunities for Canadians through the Global Markets Action Plan is more than just smart for business and the domestic industrial base in communities across the country, it’s a strategic choice of considerable consequence that advances our national interests,” said Tim Page, president of the Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries (CADSI).

“I welcome that the defence and security sector is explicitly identified as a priority in this Action Plan. Our sector employs 109,000 Canadians and generated more than $12.6 billion for our economy in 2011, almost equally split between domestic and export sales. The defence field is unique because it operates in a managed global market where governments act often as the only customer. As a result, economic diplomacy is vital to our industry’s export success.”

“This strategy offers the potential to drive economic growth, innovation and job creation here in Canada, and by levelling the playing field serve to strengthen the sector’s ability to penetrate and grow exports in both traditional and emerging markets.”

“Budget 2013 detailed a commitment to “better ensure that purchases of military equipment create economic opportunities for Canadians by developing key domestic industrial capabilities to help guide procurement, by promoting export opportunities, and by reforming the current procurement process to improve outcomes.” We particularly welcome then, the initiative in this Action Plan of an export-oriented component connected to a new defence procurement strategy. We look forward to working with the Government on the implementation of both the Action Plan and the procurement strategy to the advantage of Canadian companies in an increasingly competitive global marketplace.”

“I would note that today’s announcement is not the first indication of a change in practice by Government. For instance, since 2010 our Association has benefited from having a trade commissioner embedded within our operations. And, under our ‘Canada Pavilion’ brand – with the support of the federal government – we already deliver a comprehensive program for Canadian companies at major international trade shows, which is of particular benefit to small and medium sized enterprises,” said Page.

Posted 2013-11-27
Last Modified 2013-11-27 16:14