Notice to Canadian Federal Government employees:

Has your email address changed in the past year? If so, we may have your old email address on file as your login. If your login fails, try using your old email address and once you've logged in you can update your file by clicking on the Contact Information icon.


CADSI/CANSEC have become aware of fraudulent emails and SMS (text messages) purporting to come from either CANSEC or CADSI seeking personal information. These emails and text messages are not issued from CADSI or on behalf of CANSEC.

CADSI/CANSEC never send emails or text messages requiring members or non-members to send personal information via email, text or pop-up windows. Anyone who receives an email or text message purporting to be from CADSI/CANSEC and suspects it to be fraudulent or a scam should simply delete it.

Anyone who provided personal information in response to these fraudulent emails or text messages should contact their bank or credit card company immediately.

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