Operating Committees

CADSI’s Operating Committees are one of the most important ways for CADSI to establish the views and concerns of its members, seek information and advice, and shape the direction of the association. Through the committees, the industry is afforded an opportunity to gathers and distills its priorities, positions and views, which CADSI can then advance with the Government of Canada. They also provide our members with a forum for dialogue where they can express feedback to the association on how events, programs and services can be improved.

Each CADSI Operating Committees is comprised of a Chair, a Vice-Chair, and a number of corporate members who have volunteered their time and expertise. The Chairs of each committee are encouraged to bring together the views and concerns of members, build consensus across the membership, and communicate back to members any developments.

CADSI encourages all corporate members to participate and contribute volunteers to CADSI Operating Committees. Below is a list of the CADSI Operating Committees, their descriptions, Chairs and Vice-Chairs, and associated CADSI staff liaison. For additional information, please call 613-235-5337.


The Defence Procurement Strategy Advisory Committee provides advice to the CADSI President on different industry-wide policy and advocacy issues affecting members. It is also a forum for member input to the Government of Canada’s Defence Procurement Secretariat Advisory Committee, upon which the President sits. 

Chair Kelly William, General Dynamics Canada
Vice-Chair Ian Marsh, DEW Engineering and Development ULC 
CADSI Staff Liaison Nicolas Todd, Associate Vice President, Policy, Communications and Government Relations



The Research Advisory Committee prioritizes, defines and validates research questions and industry experiences on qualitative and quantitative research sponsored by either industry or government, such as Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada’s biennial defence sector survey. 

Chair Ben Boehm, Cascade Aerospace
Vice-Chair Andrew Kendrick, Vard Marine Inc.
CADSI Staff Liaison Nicolas Todd, Associate Vice President, Policy, Communications and Government Relations



The Small and Medium Enterprise Committee provides input on matters pertaining specifically to Small and Medium Enterprises.

Chair Tim Ford, Adventure Lights Inc.
Vice-Chair Yad Garcha, Bionic Power
CADSI Staff Liaison CADSI Customer Service Relations Manager



This committee provides input on how to improve value-added member initiatives, including how to improve the content and experience at CADSI events.

Chair Duncan MacDonald, Black Pearl Defense 
Vice-Chair Amanda Molloy, PAL Aerospace
CADSI Staff Liaison Steven Hillier, Director, Business Development



This committee focuses on CADSI’s security mandate and agenda. It will provide advice and connectivity into the security community.

Chair Jana Lee Murray, CAE Canada
Vice-Chair Carl Krasnor, Accipiter Radar Technologies
CADSI Staff Liaison Nicholas Pozhke, Manager, Security Portfolio